Built by people who love technology and great customer service

PowerDNN is a true success story of the Silicon Prairie. When we entered the market, we saw that many people were receiving poor customer service from their hosting providers. They couldn’t get support when they needed it, and when they finally got through to someone hours or days later, they were connected to a person who wasn’t familiar with their website platform.

We think there’s a better way.

It may be old fashioned, but we believe there’s a place for great customer service in a digital industry.

Our company was founded on the principles that every customer should be treated with respect and receive great support for their websites. We understand that everyone’s website is mission-critical to them; that’s why all of our customers are handled with individual care and attention, no matter how small or large their company. 

Since then we have spent more than a decade perfecting our particular blend of state-of-the-art technology and unmatched customer support. We have expanded across multiple international datacenters and now serve customers around the world.

PowerDNN’s success at providing unmatched support 24/7/365 quickly lead to our growth of numerous other brands. Recently, we consolidated all of these brands and services under one great name: Managed.com.

Managed.com Logo - PowerDNN - DNN - DotNetNuke - DNN Hosting

Our name has changed, but our belief in great support for our customers hasn’t. We still provide 24/7/365 expert support — we just do it for more platforms than only DNN / DotNetNuke. We have expanded to provide certified experts and support for many other CMSs and platforms: WordPress, elcomCMS, nopCommerce, Drupal, and more; in addition to specialty Windows Servers, Linux infrastructure, and robust enterprise solutions for the largest and most demanding organizations.

Infrastructure needs can be difficult and cumbersome; Managed.com was built from a desire to take the complexities out of infrastructure and website management, so that our customers can trust that it “just works.” 

We believe that website and server management can best be accomplished by people with extreme technical proficiency in an environment where the customer is treated like a person and given the best support possible.

Just as on the first day Managed.com opened its doors, our focus will continue to be providing great customer support in managing mission-critical business infrastructure and website hosting … and that’s exactly what we do every day.

Managed website hosting and support — the way you always wished it could be.