Read Below to Find Out Why You are Seeing this Page...

You recently changed the IP address of your domain.

If you recently changed from a shared IP address to a dedicated IP address or moved from one dedicated IP address to another, you may see this page.  When that happens, all you need to do is wait while the system updates DNS records. This generally takes between 15 minutes and 2 hours.


The Domain is not configured correctly on the server.

If none of the above options apply, your site may not be configured correctly on the server.  To have the issue resolved please contact our Support Department via a Support Ticket

Your domain is pointed at the server but does not exist.

If you have pointed your DNS at our servers and are seeing this page, your domain may not be set up on the server.
1) If this is your main domain name, please log in to your Control Panel and confirm your domain name is spelled correctly.  If there are spelling errors in the domain name listed in the Control Panel you may rename your domain by following the instructions in the following Knowledgebase article:

The site exists on the server but does not contain any content.

To confirm your site currently has not content you may connect to the site via FTP and open the httpdocs folder.  If this folder has either no, or very few files then it is likely that the site content has not yet been uploaded, or a copy of DNN has not yet been installed on it.  If you would like to upload an existing site to your domain you can contact our Support department via a Support ticket and they can provide you with instructions on uploading your site files and database to our FTP Repository for migration.  If you require a new installation of the latest version of DNN you can also contact our Support department and they can install this for you.

2) If this is your main domain and you can not see it listed in your Control Panel you can create the domain yourself by navigating to the Domains page and clicking on the "Add Domain" button and following through the steps in the setup wizard.  If you are unsure of how to do this you can contact a member of our Support department by submitting a Support ticket through the Trouble Tickets section of your Control Panel.

If this is a domain alias you will need to create a Domain Alias/Host Header within your Control Panel to direct the domain name to the correct "Parent domain" on the server.  To create a Domain Alias/IIS Host Header for your domain name you can follow the instructions listed in the article in our Knowledgebase located at:

A backup of your website is currently in progress and you did not uncheck "Suspend Domain" in the backup settings.

If you have recently initiated a backup of your site, or you have a scheduled backup currently running and have selected the "Suspend domain until backup task is completed" option in the backup settings your site will be unavailable during the backup process.  After the backup is completed your website will automatically re-enable itself.

To prevent this in future for a scheduled backup, log in to your Control Panel and in Domains>Domain Name>Backup Manager>Scheduled Backup Settings uncheck the "Suspend domain" check box.

Your domain is currently disabled or suspended.

If your site has been disabled or suspended it may be due to an outstanding balance on your account.  You can check this, and pay any outstanding balances on your account through your PowerDNN Control Panel by logging in to with your email address/password registered to your account and navigate to the My Account tab.  Alternatively you may wish to contact a member of our Billing Department by submitting a Billing ticket throuth the Trouble Tickets section of your Control Panel.